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The 3D Warehouse is one of the world’s largest and most popular sites for downloading 3D models in the SketchUp file format. Reusing the data however can sometimes be a challenge if you are using a precision solid modeler. In this series of videos we show how you can use ViaCAD Pro to convert SketchUp groups and components into precise data suitable for modeling operations such as filleting, chamfering, shelling, and booleans as well as exporting to STEP, SAT, or IGES.

Convert SketchUp to Precise Solids:
Demonstrates ViaCAD Pro with PowerPack Pro converting SketchUp data to precise solids using the Mesh to Analytic. The Mesh to Analytic tool decomposes a component into analytical shapes and rebuilds the part into a precision solid using the Dassault ACIS stitch and healing technology. Additional tools are presented to identify and repair common issues with converting SketchUP data into watertight solids.

SketchUp Demonstration Example 1:
• Import native SketchUp File of kitchen cabinets
• Convert Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Mesh Analysis, Isolate Free Edges
• Combine and Stitch Meshes
• Overview of the Mesh to Analytic Options
Click for Example 1 video

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SketchUp Demonstration Example 2:
• Import native SketchUp File of four benches
• Convert Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Copy converted holes using local face modeling tools
• Rebuild fillet using local face modeling tools
Click for Example 2 video

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STL Demonstration Example 3:
• Convert triangular mesh primitives to solid primitives
• Convert STL meshes into solids

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