Subdivision To NURB

Demonstrates a variety of features of PowerPack Pro in the construction of a child’s piggy bank. The design starts from an imported Quad OBJ mesh that is converted into a precise NURB solid. Downstream modeling operations such as shelling, splitting, booleans, and blending are added to achieve the final design.

Mesh to Analytic

Converts a STL file into a precise solid with simplified components suitable for solid modeling operations and editing.


Demonstrates using PowerPack Pro to convert a collection of quad facets into a NURB solid and exporting as an IGES, SAT, and STEP. File is then imported into another application to check compatibility.

SketchUp To Solid : Lego

This video shows PowerPack Pro converting a native SketchUP file into a useable solid model.


Ring Facets to Precise Solids

This video shows PowerPack converting a variety of mesh types representing a ring into precise solids. The ring band is made of 47000 subdivision quads. The gemstones are made with planar facets. After converting the facets to solids, several solid modeling operations are performed.

Stitch Surface to Solid

Demonstrates using PowerPack Pro to convert a collection of facets into a NURB surface, stitching a collection of surfaces into a solid, and blending example edges.

Align Compare

This video demonstrates how the align tool in PowerPack Pro can be used to transform a mesh to lie precisely over a solid. Once aligned, the two parts are compared and examined for any deviation.


3D-Coat is used in this video to convert a scanned model of triangles into a smoothly flowing network of quads. The quads are then converted into a precision NURB using PowerPack Pro.

Mesh To Solid with Free Edges

ViaCAD and Shark supports boolean operations with open surfaces. The key is to make sure your surface normals are correctly orientated.
In this video, a mesh is converted into an open NURB surface using PowerPack Pro. Surfaces are examined and corrected. The corrected open surface is united with a closed plate. A blend is then applied to the resulting edges of the united surface and plate.

Mesh To Analytic : Examples

Demonstration of the Mesh to Analytic tool in PowerPack Pro converting to a variety of mesh shapes from SketchUp, DXF, and STL into primitives, profiles, and arbitrary solid shapes.

SketchUp To Solid : Cabinets

SketchUp Demonstration Example 1:
• Import native SketchUp File of kitchen cabinets
• Convert Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Mesh Analysis, Isolate Free Edges
• Combine and Stitch Meshes
• Overview of the Mesh to Analytic Options


SketchUp To Solid : Benches

SketchUp Demonstration Example 2:
• Import native SketchUp File of four benches
• Convert Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Copy converted holes using local face modeling tools
• Rebuild fillet using local face modeling tools


SketchUp to NURB : Bowl

• Import native SketchUp File of serving bowl created with subdivision tools
• Convert Mesh to NURB Solid
• Add a handle to the bowl and fillet edges