Subdivision Modeling

The subdivision tools are used to modify a block into a organic shaped spoon.
• Quad mesh
• Subdivision tools
• Gripper modifications
• STL export for 3D printing

Coffee Cup

Creates a coffee cup using subdivision tools.


Designs a simple two seat couch using subdivision tools in Shark. Modifies the couch to three seats, render, and create a four view drawing.

Note: ViaCAD 10 now include the tools in this video.


Subdivision Associativity

Demonstrates the use of the Make Associative option in the Subdivision to NURB tool of Shark FX 9. Shows how a mesh can be used as a base feature combining the benefits of polygon and precision modeling.

Boat Hull

Design a simple boat hull using the new subd and NURBS.

Signet Ring

Uses new mesh modeling tools, subd to nurbs, and solid modeling operations to create  a signet ring. 


Uses the new Mesh Symmetry option to create a simple heart shape from a block.

Subdivision Knife Handle

Demonstration by Nick Johnson showing the construction of a knife handle with Shark FX subdivision to NURB tools introduced in V9.