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Unroll will flatten a developable surface such as a ruled surface into a shape that lies in the XY plane. The Unroll tool is located in the PowerPack : Mesh menu.

Video : Unrolling Surfaces

HeightMap to 3D Mesh

The HeightMap to 3D Mesh tool will convert a 2D image into a 3D object.

The height is extracted from the color components by applying a grayscale conversion and mapping the results into a user supplied height value.

Video: HeightMap to 3D Mesh

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Select Same

The Select Same tool provides mask options for selecting objects. Options include:
• Shape
• Color
• Entity Type
• Line Font
• Text Font

Video: Select Same

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Improved Performance

With V10, PowerPack now supports a 64 bit architecture which provides faster performance and handling of larger files.

Image to the right contains over 11 million facets.

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