• 64 Bit PC
• Custom Right Button
• Gripper At Selected
• New Selection Options
• Recall Backups
• Copy Keep Original Layer

2D Design & Drafting
• New Draw View Type
• Updated Bill of Materials
• Draw View Layers
• Zoom in Draw View
• Pan in Draw View
• Repair Curves

• KeyShot Live Linking
• Infinite Plane
• Rapid Render Wood
• Faster Display
• Updated Interop Kernel
• 3D PDF
• Multithreaded Translators
• SketchUp 2016 Import & Export
• SAB Export
• STL Updates
• Updated DWG SDK
3D Design
• Updated Modeling Kernel
• 3D Print Tools
• Magnet Tool
• Mesh Bridge
• Mesh Symmetry
• Pock Hole Feature

• Unroll
• Image to 3D Mesh
• Select Same

KeyShot Live Linking

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KeyShot is an award winning application dedicated to providing easy to use 3D rendering. With PunchCAD KeyShot Live Linking, you can use your favorite CAD system side by side with KeyShot to produce stunning renders. Our Live Linking implemenation also introduces an industry first to create “Presentation Drawings”.

• PunchCAD/KeyShot Living Linking

—Share mesh, surfaces, and solids
—Option to share 2D annotation data as 3D
—Materials assigned in KeyShot retained by object names

Video : Introducing Live Linking with KeyShot

Video : Presentation Drawings with ViaCAD & KeyShot

Infinite Plane Visualization Updates

Infinite Plane objects are used in PunchCAD to trim, section cut, and intersect objects. However the default Infinite Plane is sometimes too default to visualize intersections through a body due to its small display size. With V10, you can now resize Infinite Planes and set transparency to better visualize how the plane relates to other geometry in your file.

Video: Infinite Plane Display Updates

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Rapid Render Wood

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The Photo Render tool palette is now updated to support a predefined material for Wood.

All Rapid Render materials have “Override” text files providing access to shader settings for color, reflection, transparency, and texture space. Users can customize these Rapid Render files using a text editor. The new Wood file is located in the PhotoRender/Materials/OverideWood.csm and by default uses a “Simple Wood” definition with lighter colors.

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Faster Displays

CAD data in ViaCAD is displayed with the help of a display list created by tessellating geometry. This process was speed up in V10 by integrating multi-threading to the tessellation process and optimizing the display of data using OpenGL.

Video : V9 vs V10 Repaint Compare

Model courtesy Tony Gibbs

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