• 64 Bit PC
• Custom Right Button
• Gripper At Selected
• New Selection Options
• Recall Backups
• Copy Keep Original Layer

2D Design & Drafting
• New Bill of Materials
• Updated Draw View Type
• Draw View Layers
• Zoom in Draw View
• Pan in Draw View
• Repair Curves

• KeyShot Live Linking
• Infinite Plane
• Rapid Render Wood
• Faster Display
• Updated Interop Kernel
• 3D PDF
• Multithreaded Translators
• SketchUp 2016 Import & Export
• SAB Export
• STL Updates
• Updated DWG SDK
3D Design
• Updated Modeling Kernel
• 3D Print Tools
• Magnet Tool
• Mesh Bridge
• Mesh Symmetry
• Pock Hole Feature

• Unroll
• Image to 3D Mesh
• Select Same

ViaCAD 64 for Windows

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ViaCAD 2D, ViaCAD 2D3D, ViaCAD Pro for Windows

• Rewritten to support native 64 bit
• Supports Larger Files
• Improved Performance
• Access larger memory

Customizable Context Menus

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The Context Menu displayed on right clicking in the empty drawing area displays a variety of useful commands. Now with V10, you can add your favorite commands to this menu.

Video: Custom Right Button

Multithreaded Workflows

Multithreading is a technique by which an operation in ViaCAD can use several processors to complete the command. ViaCAD now uses multithreading in the following workflow areas:
• Photorendering
• File Imports
• Facet calculations for display lists

Model courtesy of Tony Gibbs

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Recall Backups

ViaCAD has options to automatically create and save backup files based on number of commands or time. With V10, you can now intuitively recall those files with a new menu option located under the File menu.

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Copy Keep Original Layer

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The Copy Keep Original Layer option will preserve the original layer with the copied object for the transform tools of Translate, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror. The default behavior assigns the current work layer.