PowerPack Pro Example Conversions


Voronoi Pendant (2200 quads, 184 triangles)
Converted to Solid, Split and Shelled

Pasted Graphic
2,187,264 Quads Converted to 932 Face NURB Watertight Solid
(three solids then subtracted)

Orc Head : 553,216 Quads Converted into Surface with 976 NURB Faces

Scanned Model : 450,048 Quads Converted into Solid with 909 NURB Faces with two cylinders subtracted

Old Man Head : 310,784 Quads Converted into Solid with 340 NURB Faces

Knot: 3,384 Ordered Triangles Converted into Solid with 16 NURB Faces and Split/Shelled


Chipmunk Quad Mesh: 64000 Quads convert into int 764 NURB faces stitched into a closed solid

Dimpled Golf Ball: 122,000 Quads Converted Into 17,280 NURB Solid with Modeling Operations

SubDivision Spoon: 74 Quads Converted to 25 NURB Faces

Steering Wheel: 204 Quad Facets Converted to 63 NURB Faces

Woman’s Head: 1754 Quads Converted To Surface with 394 NURBs

Ship Hull: 19552 Quads, 384 Triangles Converted To 226 NURB Faces

Stanford Bunny: 69,666 Unstructured Triangles Converted To 9,451 NURB Faces

Stanford Bunny: Remeshed to 20,230 Quads Converted To Surface

Car Body: 21,680 Quads Converted To 339 NURB Faces

Turtle: Quads Converted To Solid

Truck: Quads Converted To Solid

Playground Slide: Quads Converted To Solid

Mixed Facet Model : Facetted Solid w/ Boolean : NURB Solid w/Boolean

Kitchen Spoons: Quads Converted To Solid

Spoons: Precision Mass Properties

Park Toy: Quads Converted To Solid

Lights: Quads Converted To Solid

Lights: Quads Converted To Solid

Chair: Quads Converted To Solid

Hand: Triangle & Quads Converted To Open Surface