PowerPack Pro

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PowerPack Pro
PowerPack Pro extends the feature set of ViaCAD to include tools specific for 3D Printing Repair, Entity Management, Advanced Modeling Tools, plus adds tools that convert mesh data into precise parts suitable for solid modeling operations and export to other CAD/CAM/CAE applications using SAT, IGES, or STEP.

Mesh to Solid Tools
• Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Subdivision Mesh to NURB Solid
• Align Mesh to Solid
• Compare Deviations Between Mesh and Solid
NEW Compare Deviations Between Two Solids/NURBs*

Entity Management
• Spell Check
• Assorted Colors
• Isolate Layer from Selection
• Show Only By Name
• Preview and Auto Layer
• Change File Units/Scale
• Rename
• Select by Feature, Name
• Select Blend Network
• Select Protrusion Faces
• Select Depression Faces
• Change coordinates
NEW Select Same Shape

Mesh Ring to NURB *
SketchUp to Solids Demonstration *
OBJ to Solids To STEP/IGES Demonstration*
Open Mesh To NURB Demonstration*

Tools for 3D Printing and Mesh
• Mesh Analysis
• Auto Mesh Repair
• Show Free Edges
• Show Non-Manifold Edges
• Weld, Compact Vertices
• Close Simple Mesh Holes
• Remove Collapsed, Overlaps, Intersections Facets
• Flip and Rebuild Facet Normals
• Remove Collapsed, Overlaps, Intersections
• Flip and Rebuild Facet Normals
• Add, Delete, Split Facet
• Segment, Combine, Split Mesh
• Make Planar
• Segment Analytic

Advanced Modeling Tools
• Inner/Outer Thread Feature*
• Surface Grid, Free Edge Identify
• Surface Plane Best Fit
• Best Fit Line or Circle
• Average Two Curves
• Show Inflections, Minimum Curvature
• Shadow Projection for CNC
NEW BitMap to HeightField
NEW Unroll Surface
*Feature unique to PowerPack Pro (relative to PowerPack)

*ViaCAD Pro with PowerPack Pro with printing, exporting, and saving disabled.

*Upgrade or purchase PowerPack Pro for ViaCAD/Shark.