ViaCAD Pro with PowerPack Pro Bundle

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ViaCAD Pro 9
ViaCAD Pro provides the perfect blend of conceptual and production 3D design tools. Designed with professionals in mind, ViaCAD Pro delivers the flexibility of mesh, surface, and precision solid modeling to help you go from idea to 3D concept. Additionally, ViaCAD Pro provides 2D tools to document your designs. The power of ViaCAD's mesh, surface, and solid modeling and drafting toolsets make it perfect for designing parts suitable for 3D printing, prototypes, or manufacturing projects.

• Associative NURBS-based modeling with skins, covers, and nets
• Constant and variable radius blending and chamfering
• Twist, bend, boss, hole, boolean, and shell features
• History based solid modeling
• Push/Pull tool for planar objects and faces of solids
• Quad Mesh, Add Loop, Extrude Loop, Subdivision Tools
• Local face editing tools for designing independent of history tree
• Draft, annotate, and automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D
• Mass properties and interference checking
• Intelligent wall, door, and window tools
• Access 90 minutes of training videos, plus free phone support from Encore
• 64 Bit Application Mac and Windows

Industry-Standard Interoperability: ViaCAD Pro provides an extensive set of interoperability solutions for professional industry standard data sharing through IGES, STEP, and SAT. Additional formats include SketchUp®, AutoCAD® DXF/DWG, OBJ, Adobe Illustrator, STL, 3DS Max®, and more.

PowerPack Pro
PowerPack Pro extends the feature set of ViaCAD include tools specific for 3D Printing, mesh verify and repair, plus adds tools that convert mesh data into precise parts suitable for solid modeling operations and export to other CAD/CAM/CAE applications using SAT, IGES, or STEP.

3D Print Tools
• Surface Normals Check
• Overhang Analysis
• Wall Thickness
• Preview Slices
• Auto Position
• Support Structure

Mesh, Curve, Surface Repair Tools
• Weld, Compact Vertices
• Close Simple Mesh Holes
• Remove Collapsed, Overlaps, Intersections
• Flip and Rebuild Facet Normals
• Add, Delete, Split Facet

Mesh to Solid Tools
• Mesh to Analytic Solid
• Subdivision Mesh to NURB Solid
• Compare Deviations Between Mesh and Solid
• Align Mesh to Solid